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"....Many ideas in my head started how I can grow a business of this knowledge and skills...."

I started a project which was a marketing platform for shoe brands.

They were then I realized how important it was with creating own pictures for each article. Stock photos weren´t an option, too impersonal if you ask me. I never release this one (YET! mayby

in the future fellows🧐). I was creating affiliates links with a marketing company and built website and a platform. It may sounds cheesy, but I asking my self from the button of my heart; "WHAT DO YOU WANNA WORK WITH MR?"  And the answer always falling back to the shooting of photography. 

Now they figured out what to do in the future:

Spring 2019;

Summer 2019:

  • ...got another one from New Castle (US, Indiana) For Ellen on a Bride Squad.

  • Contracting a Swedish architect and constructing company for graphic design, Logo, build their website.

  • Keeping moving forward to grow the trademark "Exposure Sweden" stronger every day! 

Peace ✌️

Fredrik Johansson

Founder of Exposure Sweden™️

Photo: From left; Fredrik (Exposure Sweden™️) and Alexander (Wall Studios) who is my very best friend and has served as a technical mentor for me from the early begin. Thanks, brother ❤️

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